5 books for your holidays

Finally the holidays have arrived for many and for others they are on the way. Hoping you are able to switch off and have fun to get back on track in September, we would like to suggest some readings that we are passionate about and that we read during our holidays.

We really hope you enjoy these books. Don't hesitate to let us know your opinion or give us your suggestions.

Happy summer then and happy reading! 


1. " The Effervescent Life of Madame Clicquot" by Fabienne Moreau

Champagne e consiglio Casa Tirelli

A book I read a few years ago but which I often pick up again. Book about his life written in a fictionalized way but absolutely super recommended to also learn in a light way some productive notions about champagne and the way of being entrepreneurs in that historical period.


2. "There girl and the neight" by Guillome Musso

G. Musso a Casa Tirelli

Guillome For me, Musso is inextricably linked to holidays. Hor discovered this author by chance years ago in Breigns and grabbed me immediately. So every year I wait for the first day of holiday France to rush to the bookshop and buy his latest book.

This in particular is the story of Raphaël, a famous successful writer, who receives a phone call from the French police informing him that the body of his wife Anna, missing for ten years, has been found in an isolated cave. 

I assure you that you will be left in suspense until the end, at least that's how it was for me; the breathtaking views I saw every time I looked up from this fascinating th certainly helpedriller.


3. "Madame le commissaire and the missing Englishman" by Pierre Martin.

It's the book I'm reading at the moment. Set in Provence, here we are, I fell for it again but it's stronger than me, it tells of the adventures of the commissioner Isabelle Bonnet, strong woman and intelligent, equipped with aor distinct sense dthe duty.

Reading I find myself so captivated that I transport myself to the French countryside by feeling the scents of lavender and Mediterranean scrub.

That's what I look for in a good book; a beautiful story cwho makes me travel and dream. This book is doing just that.


4. "The Mitford Trial" by Jessica Fellowes

Fourth chapter of the successful Mitford Murders series which once again sees the legendary Mitford sisters as protagonists in 1930s England.
This is one of the most gripping stories of the series but I highly recommend starting from the first book “The Murder of Florence Nightingale Shore” precisely to get to know better the different characters but above all the habits and customs of the time.


5. "In the mists of Gambero D'Oro" by Gianna Baltaro

Gianna Baltaro a Casa Tirelli

Here we are finally also with an Italian novel that was a real discovery for me.  
This adventure, like others you have written, concerns Inspector Martini who catapults us into the Turin of the 1930s.
Did you know that in those days there was a tax on singles?