Christmas with Casa Tirelli

Would you like to give a tasteful, appreciated gift and make a good impression?

Then trust us at Casa Tirelli, we will be able to offer you the right products for your needs and tastes.

Take our test and find out how easy it is to choose a gift with us.



Choose the type that comes closest to you, you will see how simple it is to choose and order:


Type A - You want to make each package different from the other because yours Are loved ones unique and deserve unique things? Simple! you do the list of products you want in each gift and we will prepare a beautiful package worthy of everything your good taste.


Type B - Are you buyers 4.0?  to dedicate to the organization of gifts, we relieve you of any worries and after a few questions, the elves of Casa Tirelli will immediately get to work to create the best solutions for you.


Type C - If during the holidays the only thought you want to have is that of choosing which sweater with reindeer to wear …...then abandon yourself completely and trust us, we will create the packsthat you always wanted to give as a gift.


Telephone, email, visit to the vinegar factory are the suitable means to send us your orders.

We will do everything to take away all your worries and worries

leaving you only the pleasure of giving.


  • the gift box will cost from €2 to €4 depending on the size.
  • we ship throughout Italy and abroad